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Announcing The Perfect Bottle For British Wine Drinkers

What's the perfect bottle of wine for the average consumer in Britain? The findings of a study conducted by Cobevco, and reported on by The Drinks Business, has the results.

So what would the ideal wine be? Well, it would be a big-name brand Australian red sealed with a screw cap purchased at a supermarket on sale or part of a mutli-bottle promotion for under ten bucks.

A whopping 80% of the 2,000 consumers surveyed said they buy their wine solely at supermarkets. Sales and Marketing Director at Cobevco Gillian Walters explained, "Supermarkets have become major players in the wine market, as consumers are increasingly prioritising convenience and price over the expertise of wine merchants and off licences."

So are you willing to make an extra stop at a wine shop for a bottle or do you just prefer to pick something up while at the grocery store?

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