Do You Think Wine Plus a Room Full of Kittens Equals Awesome?
If you've wondered what level wine consumer you are, and if it involves kittens, head over to PlayBuzz and take their quiz. Yes, you will be asked questions like, "Wine + a room full of (this) = Awesome! And, naturally, kittens are among the answers you can choose from. Caviar, soup, supermodels, chocolate, the aforementioned kittens, flowers, truffles, and the world's rarest wines are your options.
After completing this quiz, you get your final score on the 100 point scale. Its as if you were crammed into the back pages of Wine Spectator.
Bask in the glow of a 99 point score. But what's a score without context, besides a sales tool? Fortunately, your numbers come with some compelling verbiage as well: "You'd wear a helmet made out of flowers while drinking a local Pinot Noir...Sure you would! - Why not? You'd even put rose petals right in your glass because flowers and wine kick ass - and so do you."