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Drinking Gamay With Kyle Loven

Side Show is our ongoing series focused on a collaboration between Contributing Editor Jameson Fink and Seattle's On The Boards, a space dedicated to contemporary dance, theater, and music. As part of the Ambassador Project, Jameson sat down with an artist performing in Northwest New Works and interviewed them. He brought the wine and the questions and it was all captured on video. This week's episode features a conversation with Kyle Loven, a Seattle-based performance and visual artist.

My first introduction to Kyle Loven's work revealed a world both dark (but not depressing) and atmospheric. So when he told me that an upcoming performance would be entitled, "Ham Sandwich", I thought I'd be in for something upbeat. Who doesn't love a ham sandwich? Well, besides vegetarians and vegans. And practitioners of religions that prohibit the consumption of pork. Hmm, maybe this is a little more nuanced and fraught with uncertainty than I first imagined....

Turns out that (spoiler alert) while there are ham sandwiches (multiple ones) in "Ham Sandwich", Kyle's peformance also deals with ham radio. He actually got his ham radio license in preparation for this show, which also deals with conspiracy theories. The latter of which really appeals to the part of me mildly obsessed with the Kennedy assassination. (Still)

Find out more of what Kyle had to say, in our conversation fueled by Raisins Gaulois, a light and easy-drinking Gamay from famed Beaujolais producer Marcel Lapierre. His son, Mathieu, now makes the wines.

Incidentally, this wine would be great with a ham sandwich.

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