Getting to Know Swiss Wines: 5 Illuminating Views

Have you had Swiss wines? I wouldn't blame you if you haven't tried any, as 98% of the bottles produced never leave Switzerland. But, after perusing these 5 five articles extolling the virtues of the place, you may want to book a flight to discover some of the least-known European wines for yourself.

David Latt in Zester Daily finds a microclimate conducive to shorts and t-shirts, along with the red grape Cornalin, in the Valais region.

Adam H. Graham in The Wall Street Journal tackles "vertigo-inducing vineyards" with a bicycle aided by battery to tackle the steep climbs in wine country.

Jancis Robinson instructs on the difference in grapes and wines among the French, Italian, and German-influenced parts of Switzerland.

Though the vintages are dated, Megan Krigbaum in Food and Wine can get you familiar with some of the grapes you'll find in Swiss wines.

And for some historical perspective, the site "Hotty Totty" has an excerpt from the book "The Search for Good Wine" by John Hailman regarding the wine of Switzerland, written in 1987.