Hay Bales and Helicopters: Extreme Grapevine Preservation in Texas

Don't mess with Texas. Especially its grapevines. Unfortunately, frost has been challenging the vineyards of the Lone Star State. Texas Wine and Trail Magazine details one of the worst frosts in the 67 years records have been kept, with temperatures plummeting to 24 degrees in April. Even more astonishing than this High Plains weather was the lengths that wineries went to save their crop. Andrew Chalk reveals:

"Several vineyards burned hay bales between the vine rows and some of these hired helicopters, at rates between $450 and $750 an hour, to hover for hours above the vines in order to drive the hot air of the burning bales back down. Helicopter pilots came from as far away as Houston and Dallas such was the demand."

Chalk also reports that wineries are investing in wind machines, which blow the cold air off vines.

What do you think of these extraordinary measures to save the grapes?