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How to Have Better Conversations About Wine in Spanish

Bud break, lees racking, pumping over. These are common terms in the production of wine from the vineyard to the bottle. But if you're working in the United States and are a native English speaker, how do you translate these terms to your Spanish-speaking colleagues? Josefina Adriance's "Spanish for the Wine Industry" program is celebrating its 10th anniversary of doing so. While there's no shortage of resources for learning Spanish, Adriance explained to the Napa Valley Register that, "Usually the textbooks cover the vocabulary for general students or travelers.”

As a companion to the course, Adriance created a Spanish-English Dictionary for the Wine Industry. It contains over 7,500 terms, providing Spanish translations for everything from lignification to itemized invoice. (I don't even know what lignification means in English. I am, however aware of the itimized invoice, thank you very much.)

Oh, and how to say bud break, lees racking, and pumping over in Spanish? Desborre, desliado, and remontar, respectively.

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