Is Your 100 Point Wine Perfectly Beautiful or Beautifully Perfect?

So you've come across an ad for "Parker's Perfects". All 100 point wines, "perfect" wines, no? They're not? What does it all mean?!?

For Robert Parker touters, 100 points means perfection. As in a perfect wine. And if you're wondering what glass to put that 100 point wine in, James Suckling to the rescue! He has a lineup of stemware called LALIQUE James Suckling 100 POINTS. He's even drank FIVE 100 POINT WINES OUT OF SAID 100 POINT GLASSES WHICH HAS GOT TO BE LIKE 1,000 POINTS OF PLEASURE.

Tom Wark, on the other hand, proffers perfection perhaps is not the best word for a 100 point wine. Wark beats the drum for "beauty" and HE HAS PLATO ON HIS SIDE.

And Plato would be proud that Wark gets all philosophical on beauty: "This is a complicated matter because we are talking about defining beauty, assessing beauty’s attributes then identifying them in an object." Geez, that's not complex at all. It's called "ONLINE DATING". SWIPE RIGHT ON THE HAUT-BRION!

Though sometimes the process can make you feel like Robert Parker feels about Beaujolais: You'll never be more than 90 points and you've been given a lot of 87s and 88s.

What's your perfect wine? I bet it's a beauty.