If Millennials Want Authenticity in Wine, What Do Gen X, Boomers Want?

The Drinks Business reports on the results of a study commissioned by the London Wine Fair that concluded wine is losing touch with Millennials, while beer, cider and spirits are "more engaging" drinks. Commenting on these findings, Wine Intelligence SEO Richard Halsead opined, "Generation Y loves authenticity, good stories, and the opportunity to learn and explore."

To this, as a member of Generation X, I respond, "Well, that's pretty much what I want, too." When it comes to wine, I don't find myself longing for phoniness, snooze-worthy tales, and living in a cave. (Except a Champagne cave. I'd be cool with that.)

Does Gen Y has a certain, specific-to-them, unique something when it comes to wine that differs from previous generations? Do I seem like a guy who's shaking his fist, ready to unleash the most cantankerous version of "Get off my lawn!" ever uttered? (Get off my vineyard?)

Is wine being left in the dust when it comes to engagement versus beer, cider, and spirits? Please share your examples.

Finally, will someone pick me up a hard copy of the report at the London Wine Fair this June? And don't tell me I should download it on a Kindle!