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Is That Bottle of Wine on the Shelf Literally Talking to You?

Sometimes it seems a wine is calling you from the shelves, but if trends in packaging persist, a bottle might literally talk to you in order to get your attention. Beverage Daily has the details of the increasing lengths companies are going to get your attention focused on their product. Already we have a tequila with a base that lights up when a bartender pours it (Hornitos "LightPad") and Beverage Daily has more insights via quotes from the book "Innovations in Food Packaging" by a food packaging expert (naturally) from University College Cork, Joe Kerry.

That lit-up tequila bottle? Could just be the tip of the iceberg. Kerry talks about using a combination of LED lights, a silicon chip, and a battery to trigger more targeted results. "The device can be designed to function for anywhere from a few minutes to several months. Another possible application envisioned is for sweepstakes or promotional campaigns, where bottles could be illuminated remotely to indicate a winning package, or winning bottles could emit a different color than regular bottles."

If remotely-triggered flashing lights aren't enough for you, Kerry posits, "Miniature sound systems on boxes and bottles will give people spoken tips or ideas." Siemens, the German electronics company, Kerry reveals, has even developed an electronic display that can be applied like a wine label on a bottle.

Do you want more information from your wine bottle delivered in an audio-visual manner? Or would you prefer it just shut the hell up?

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