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Is Your Rosé Champagne Smooth Enough?

Smooth ChampagneAre you ready for a smooth rosé Champagne? Canard-Duchêne has introduced a Champagne that has enough sweetness to be classified as "sec", which is getting close to the dessert-level sweetness of the next classification, "demi-sec". But, as The Drinks Business reports, the company has put "smooth" on that label and prefers that term to any reference of it being sweet. The managing director at Canard-Duchêne, Alexis Petit-Gats, explains, "It’s a sec rosé called smooth which we thought would be fun to offer with a unique design that would be better to party with."

Petit-Gats also notes that the Champagne just has a perception of sweetness manifested in more pronounced red berry flavors, and still retains a good level of acidity that is one of the hallmarks of Champagne. Packaged in an (admittedly) cool white bottle, "The idea is to be more seductive for new and younger consumers.” Petit-Gats revealed.

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