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Corkscrews Not Shoes When Opening a Bottle of Wine

You've all see the YouTube video of someone using a shoe to open a bottle of wine, right? Looks cool, like something you'd want to try even if you had a corkscrew handy? Think again. L.V. Anderson, writing in Slate, details some horror stories involving losing the use of a right hand for six months, damaging tendons, and losing a lot of blood and nearly dying.

Here's a gore-free short video of shoe-aided bottle opening gone wrong:

Commenters chimed in with helpful suggestions and feedback:

"I buy my wine in a box."

"So? Drink bourbon."

"Like rats in a bowling alley. For the most part, we just chew through things."

"Great trick, but do you have any tricks for when you have a corkscrew but no wine?"

And even a limerick:

"There was an old man from Peru

Who opened his wine with his shoe.

He did it too hard,

Got cut on a shard,

And opened an artery, too."

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