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Wine Critics and The Con and Sham of Bordeaux En Primeur

Strong words from wine critics Time Atkin MW and Guy Woodward regarding the en primeur system in Bordeaux, and not just for the 2013 vintage. Harpers quotes Woodward as calling it a "con" and a "sham". And Atkin is uneasy about how ratings (his own and those of others) based on early barrel samples impact price. He took to Twitter to make an announcement:

But (apologies to Pulp Fiction) allow Neal Martin of The Wine Advocate to retort. Regarding the complicity of wine critics in driving up prices, Martin sees his role as more of a consumer, well, advocate:

Where do you stand on the role of wine critics and rating Bordeaux en primeur? Are you uneasy about the relationship between a critic's score and the price of a wine? Especially a wine that isn't even in a bottle yet? Have your say in the comments. And for a bit of levity, Martin does have the best tweet ever regarding 100 points and 2013 Bordeaux:

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