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Millennials Living A Lifestyle That Impresses Others Now Have A Wine For Toasting To Their Exceptionalism

So what do Millennials really think of themselves? They told Scarborough Research, as reported in Mediapost Agency Daily (MAD), that they're 27% more likely than the average adult to consider themselves "sophisticated". And 44% are more likely to agree that they "live a lifestyle that impresses others".

Not surprisingly, many things are being marketed at this segment of what MAD calls "Mature Millennials". Including wine, like Kendall-Jackson's "K-J Avant" white wines (Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc) and red blend. The all-out blitz for this brand includes work from San Francisco agency Heat, partnership with websites Refinery29 and Tasting Table, sponsoring the Austin City Limits music festival, and working with key influencers.

The bright spotlight shining on Millennials frankly puts this Gen X dude in the doldrums. Who is lauding my generation's lifestyle and crafting brands to validate me? I just get targeted coupons for antacids. And am confronted with studies that show "Gen X Prefers Practical Cars". FML! I guess we had our moment in the sun. Nirvana and stuff.

Wineries, if you're reading this please create a new brand for my fellow Generation Xers. The only thing I ask is that the word "practical" never make an appearance.

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