Out With The Wine, In With The Nutella

With Eataly Vino shuttered in New York City until October due to a ruling by the State Liquor Authority, what will take its place in the meantime? The retail wine space is going to be transformed by...Nutella? Yup. Eater reports that the popular hazelnut spread will be the focus of a "Nutella Bar" featuring the beloved product on top of and inside a whole host of breads and pastries.

And it doesn't seem like a bad idea, as people are just as crazy about Nutella, if not more, than wine. A weekend visit to the Nutella Bar at Eataly's Chicago location may require you to cool your heels for 45 minutes before reaching the counter.

Check out the menu below. It's a cruel world that doesn't allow to enjoy a glass of Vin Santo along with your Crepe con Nutella (aka Nutella crepe).

Nutella NY Menu