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Pairing Wine With A 1,000 Egg and Wild Asparagus Frittata

Sign me up for the Asparagus Festival in the Croatian town of Lovran. I especially want to check out the six and a half foot frittata pan, filled with 1,000 eggs and 66 pounds of wild asparagus. Get to the festival's first day on April 12th, 2014, and head to the town square if you want a portion of this awe-inspiring dish. And it's not your everyday cultivated asparagus you'll find in Lovran; the two week festival coincides with the availability of wild asparagus from the Kvarner and Istria regions of Croatia.

wild asparagus croatiaAnd please do not trot out that old saw that asparagus is "difficult" to pair with wine. Bite your tongue and put down that frittata! I like it with everything from a Sauvignon Blanc to a Chenin Blanc to a Blanc de Blancs. Also, rosé.

But since you're in Croatia, how about exploring Croatian wine? Here are three articles to work up a thirst:

Honest Cooking: Cooking Croatia: The History of Croatian Wine Culture

The Telegraph: Croatian Wine Odessey

Huffington Post: Inspired by Istria: Visiting Croatian Wine Country

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