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Is Refusing to Spray Your Vines With Chemicals a Crime?

Can a winemaker really face jail or a large fine for refusing to spray his vines with chemicals? Yes, reports Jancis Robinson. Emmanuel Giboulot, proprietor of an eponymous domain in Burgundy, farms his vines organically and biodynamically. Which normally is not a problem, but regional authorities are insisting on spraying all vines in the famed Cote d'Or. They are hoping to kill insects that spread a disease called grapevine yellows.

Robinson feels this is not a black and white issue, considering the "serious threat" of the vine disease. She explains, "Once vines are affected ...yields plummet and the vines eventually die. There is no known cure."

If you'd like to hear Giboulot, tell his story (in French) you can view the video below. Or make your feelings known on a Facebook page.

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