Restaurant Wine List Help: 5 Expert Views

When it comes to a restaurant wine list, are your cries for help going unheeded? Fear not! Here are five thoughtful posts with a plethora of advice and tips to minimize disappointment and make you feel like the pro that you are.

  1. Levi Dalton over at So You Want to Be A Sommelier surprisingly suggests you buy the cheapest wine. Check out his 12 other rules.
  2. Matt Kramer, writing in Wine Spectator, is bullish on Cru Beaujolais. "Personally, these are the first wines I look for on restaurant lists," he reveals. Get four more recommendations.
  3. Alan Richman at GQ says remember the names of top importers. He lists four to get you started.
  4. Grape Collective Senior Editor Dorothy J. Gaiter tackled this issue in the Wall Street Journal. Writing with her husband, John Brecher, the couple implores you to "eliminate the showcase wines" and provides six more tips.
  5. Also representing Team Grape Collective, writer David White over at Terroirist has five pieces of advice, the last being the most important: "Remember that you're in charge."

What advice or tips would you share? And can you recommend a sommelier who was particularly helpful and why?