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Soil is Sexy: 5 Views on the Connection Between Wine and Dirt

How do you explain a connection between what's in the ground and what ends up in your glass? Call it terroir, but certainly there is some dirt to dig up on the relationship between soil and wine. Here are 5 views to get you thinking how roots get into your Riesling.

Getting to the Root of Tastes in Wine: The Wall Street Journal

Will Lyons on why winemakers are "obsessed with the earth."

Mechanisms of Terroir: Wine Anorak

Lyons references Jamie Goode multiple times in his post. Here are some of Goode's thoughts on the matter that, though from over a decade ago, give a great overview of issues we are still grappling with, scientifically and philosophically, with wine. Plus, tasting soil and making wine with added rocks!

From Soil Profiles to Flavor Profiles: Is There a Connection When it Comes to Winemaking?: Soil Horizions

Not enough science for you? The Soil Science Society of America has got knowledge in spades. And even throws down the gauntlet:   North Carolina State University Professor John Havlin declares, “The plant cannot take up compounds from the soil that you would consider flavor.”

The World's Top 10 Wine Soils: Winegeeks

List time! Do you agree with this Top 10, or are you outraged by both its order and omissions?

Wine Notes: the dirt on Willamette Valley soil types: The Oregonian

Grape Collective Contributor Katherine Cole reveals the three to know in Oregon's best-known wine region.

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