The $300 Wine Glass That's Astoundingly Designed

What is one of the items on permanent display at the (pictured above) San Francisco Museum of Modern Art? How about a wine glass that holds a whole bottle's worth of wine and delivers it to you in a fashion that always keeps your glass appropriately full, without overflowing? Get ready to be excited by a creation from Designer Kouichi Okamoto. This wine glass (the "glass tank") truly has to be seen to be believed.

kyouei design wine glass

How does it hold all of that liquid without toppling over? What keeps the wine from rushing out of the glass like a raging rapids? Does it promote over-consumption? What kind of looks would you get using it? Or is it more of an objet d'art?

Here's a demo of how to use it:

kyouei design wine glass demo

So would you pay $300 for this glass?

Hat-tip to Drinking Made Easy.