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The UK: Sucking in Cheap Wine

United Kingdom (UK) supermarket shoppers are tight-fisted when it comes to wine. The results of a survey by Harpers, as reported in The Telegraph, reports that over half of Brits are loathe to spend more than 6 pounds (just shy of 10 US dollars) on a bottle of wine at the supermarket. This preference for the cheap stuff is not doing wineries any favors, which have razor-thin profit margins (if any) on such wine.

But there is a sliver lining for producers looking to clear some space in the cellar or warehouse. As one supplier, who (not surprisingly) preferred to remain anonymous, revealed, "The fact is, it’s hard to make any money in Britain, but it’s a great market if you want to get rid of bin ends or if you’ve got tanks to empty for the next harvest. You chuck it in the UK’s direction because there they’ll suck in cheap wine.”

Commenters show a savvier side than the story suggests, noting that expensive wines often don't deliver when it comes to the quality-to-price ratio:

"However, just because a wine is priced at 40 quid, doesn't necessarily mean that it represents 40 quid's worth of value compared to its cheaper cousins."

"The UK is full of pretentious hooray Henries with more money than sense who read wine correspondents implying that a £20 bottle is five times better than a £4 one."

What is your threshold on grocery store wine? Do you mostly stick to under $10 bottles or is the price ceiling higher?

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