Twitter Talk: The Best of Open That Bottle Night 2014

Open That Bottle Night 2014 was Saturday. Founded by Grape Collective Senior Editor Dorothy J. Gaiter and her husband, John Brecher, it's a chance to stop postponing uncorking a wine because you're waiting for a "special" occasion. Enough delays! Here are some of the most memorable thoughts and bottles via Twitter and the hashtag "#OTBN".

Read Dorothy and John's very first OTBN story:

That's the spirit:

OTBN can also stand for "Open Those Bottles Night":

When wine tweeters break out the comedy routine:

Hello, Aussie Shiraz:

OTBN fashion? AVERT YE EYES!!!

Have a Margarita at lunch, duh:

My contribution, which was one of the best bottles of red wine I've had in a looooong time:

Grape Collective Publisher Christopher Barnes also chimed in:

Finally, a reminder why we do this every year:

What did you end up opening?