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Wine Helping Make Premier Cru Skin Care

You've got Premier Cru Burgundy and Bordeaux, but what skin care product do you pair with it? Worry no more, as the beauty industry is taking cues from the wine world by adding resveratrol and other beneficial ingredients to their offerings.

The Financial Times reports you can now get polyphenol, viniferine, and the aforementioned resveratrol in the form of Caudalie's Premier Cru La Crème Riche. And since you're already used to stiff tariffs for these wines, it shouldn't come as a chock that this skin care product will set you back $155. For 20ml. A 750ml bottle of wine seems like a downright bargain, no?

Though it won't last as long.

But it does go better with a steak.

Are you interested in the convergence of wine and skin care?

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