Wine TV Shows: What Will It Take For A Big Breakthrough?

Millions of people drink wine regularly in the United States so you'd think there would be room for more wine-focused shows to have success. I got to wondering about after coming across (via Bottlenotes) a Kickstarter campaign run by Jason Elkin, who is looking for funding for his "Uncorked" project. He notes that what makes his show different is that its not comprised of a single camera focused on one person tasting wine for a half hour. (Which can work very well if you're Gary V.) Elkin explains that, in the San Francisco episode, "...we walk the city, drive GoCars, sail the bay, taste at two wineries, and fly in biplanes"

This escaping the tasting room philosophy is similar to that of WineRam's Founder and Producer, Colin West. During my conversation with him, West talked about capturing on film an adventure-oriented approach to wine tourism and appreciation.

A more traditional approach is taken by Vine Talk, hosted by actor Stanley Tucci. There's a fair amount of swirling glasses and student/teacher interaction with the audience, but there are also moments that elicit unique stories about Tucci's guests. Tales that have nothing to do with wine. Like this clip of Tommy Tune talking about why he left Houston for New York City:

Maybe a half-hour, however, is too long a time for a show about wine. Or really, about anything. The future of wine TV is already being served up in smaller doses online. It's bringing us four somms undertaking extreme porron-pouring in New York City.

As well as short winemaker interviews, like our own Christopher Barnes on location with Red Hook Winery Owner Mark Snyder.

What's your take on wine programming on TV? And what other online wine videos do you recommend?