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Your Bland Living Room Decor Is Making Your Wine Taste Boring

You may enjoy the beige color scheme of your living room, but did you ever ponder the effect it has on your wine-drinking pleasure? According to Professor of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University Charles Spence, as told to The Telegraph, the sites and sounds surrounding your imbibing experience have an impact on how you perceive a wine's flavor. Thus why the Pinot Grigio your drank on a sunny Italian beach, surrounded by sea breezes and enveloped by a special Spotify playlist, doesn't have the same sizzle back in your apartment.

And your taste in decor isn't helping, either. "At home, where do people drink the most wine? In the kitchen and living rooms which tend to be painted white or cream, " explains Spence. “If people love their wine, they should probably be thinking of injecting colour at every available opportunity.”

It's time to love your wine more than the color beige.

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