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Your Coffee is No Longer Safe From Wine-Style Tasting Notes

The worlds of coffee and wine are merging, not in your cup or glass but rather when it comes to tasting notes. As Evan Dawson, writing in Palate Press, ponders these developments and asks, "Is Coffee The New Wine?". Focusing in on a new book by Murray Carpenter, Caffeinated: How Our Daily Habit Helps, Hurts, and Hooks Us, Dawson quotes a passage with tasting notes on a coffee:

"Consider this description of a Colombian coffee sold by upmarket Stumptown Coffee Roasters: 'Rainier cherry, cranberry, and red apples all provide a counterweight to clover honey and semi-sweet chocolate in this crisp Colombian profile.'"

Not only do I now feel shame about my lack of discernment when it comes to types of honey, but I wonder if consumers find this about as useful as the tasting notes in a wine review or on the back label of a bottle.

Do you want to see coffee continue on the path that resembles the one that wine has taken? Or do you just want your damn cup of coffee?

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