100 Point Briefcase Costs 8,500 Dollars

So you've got a collection of 100 point wines? Congratulations. But what to drink them out of Naturally, the "Lalique and James Suckling 100 Points Wine Glass". (Bit more of a cumbersome name than Riedel or Zalto, no? Or even Solo.) If you haven't seen the story of the glasses, you can read what it's like to rack up 1,000 points in a mere 5 wines and glasses.

But what if you're out to a restaurant, a night with influential friends, or traveling to a rural burg? Do you want to be stuck without your LAJS100PTS wine glasses? Are you kidding me?

Fortunately, Suckling has teamed up with Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo to create the most excellent briefcase, surely the first one to achieve a perfect 100 point rating in the prestigious (though leather sommelier-hating) Briefcase Spectator.

You may want to start sucking up to Santa right now. Because, as the LA Times reports, upon it's November release you'll need to pony up $8,500 if you want one to call your own. The good news is that it does come with four glasses. Maybe find three pals to chip in, each of you owning one glass and rotating briefcase privileges?

Watch the video of how the briefcase and the glassware is constructed. I have to admit watching a craftsperson etch the signature in the bottom of a glass is quite breathtaking.

Also, where is James Suckling?