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9 Head-Scratching State Wine Laws

Labelling the complex web of rules and regulations "a farce", Jason Haas, over on the Tablas Creek Blog, lists nine "crazy" state and local wine laws that are frustrating him to no end. Here's the list:

  1. Minimum markup laws.
  2. Price posting.
  3. Franchise laws. (Do you believe in "forever"?)
  4. The Johnstown Flood Tax. (Must be read to be believed.)
  5. Wet, dry, and damp counties. (The latter is a new one on me.)
  6. State control.
  7. Direct shipping protectionism. (Protecting what from who?)
  8. Sampling restrictions. (Oh, Vermont!)
  9. Massachusetts. (Apparently worthy of its own separate entry.)

Where you live, what wine laws drive you crazy when it comes to tasting, buying or shipping?

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