Arizona Stronghold: A Winery Retools

Unfortunate news in the world of rock and roll and wine: Tool Lead Singer Maynard James Keenan is leaving Arizona Stronghold, a winery he helped found. AZ Central has the story, and the parting is not a harmonious one. Cofounder Eric Glomski is keeping the brand and the winery, Keenan, the vineyards.

Keenan stated that Glomksi and his (Glomski's) father, also a partner in the business, were skeptical of his business acumen, "I think they assumed that I wasn't involved in my own success, that it was accidental in some ways." Glomski, however, sings a song of a rock star used to answering to no one.

But fear not, Tool fans. You can still find Keenan's touch at Arizona's Caduceus Cellars. And he's also begun a wine cooperative, Four Eight Wineworks, for nascent winemakers who don't have the financial resources to own their own land and equipment.