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Can We Accelerate the Aging of Wine Without Harming It?

Can military technology be adapted for peaceful pursuits, specifically those involving a corkscrew? Wine Searcher says, conditionally, "yes". Wine lovers might want to add Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) generators to their wine glossary, right after Pomerol and Poulsard. Already being used to zap microbes and increase juice extraction on produce, scientists like President of Transient Plasma Systems Dr. Dan Singleton are optimistic that PEF generator technology can make youthful wines more approachable as well as increase the amount of wine that can be made from each cluster of grapes.

Are you OK with wineries using this kind of technology on your wine, whether in tank, barrel, or bottle, if it means more ready-to-drink wines at a better price? Or do you prefer the old-fashioned way of getting your wines to become more approachable: laying them sideways in the cellar.

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