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Do You Really Want To Know How Many Calories Are In Your Wine?

The results of a survey conduced by Sainsbury's supermarkets and reported in Daily Mail showed that 85% of Britons don't know how many calories are in their wine. This is part of the reason they are rolling out calorie information on 20 of its own-brand bottles. The information is based on a 125ml glass. (This assumes you get 6 glasses out of a bottle; I'm more used to the 5oz pour that gives you 5 and change. And yes, I just switched from metric to standard.) 'It is clear from our research," stated Sainsbury's Responsible Drinking Steering Group Chairwoman Helen Buck, "that shoppers are confused regarding the calories in alcohol."

Many may be confused but I wonder how many really don't want to know? Also uncovered during Sainsbury's survey was only 66% of Britons would like to see information about the number of calories on the label. That's not an insignificant number, but in this era of consumers asking for more transparency and information when it comes to labeling the things they eat and drink, I find it a little low.

If every bottle of wine that you bought had clearly stated caloric information (and more), would that change your consumption habits? Or when it comes to wine, is ignorance bliss?

If you must know, here's an infographic from Wine Folly comparing calories in wine to beer.

Original Source: Calories in Beer vs. Wine (Infographic)

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