Does Cork Signify Higher Quality Wine To US Consumers?

It seems that when it comes to wine closures, screw caps are becoming more and more ubiquitous and accepted in the United States. Who doesn't want easy access to what's in the bottle, without the need of a specialized tool? And to know that the wine inside is not tainted due to a faulty cork? What's not to love?

But, according to a study by Tragon Corporation, detailed in PR Newswire, "93 percent of U.S. wine consumers associate natural cork with higher quality wines, while only 11 percent of U.S. wine consumers believe wines sealed with a screw cap to be of high quality." And these results are being felt at the register, as the research further reveals cork has a positive impact on buying decisions while alternative closure can actual repel a customer.

Where do you stand on cork versus screw cap? Is it still an issue with you? Do you worry what others will think if you bring a wine sealed with an alternate closure to a gathering, judging eyes honed in on the bottle? Or are you more concerned with what ends up in the glass?

Read the results of the entire study.