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The Top Terroir in Tolkien's Tales

The Côte d'Or? Barolo? Mosel? All famous, distinct, and real wine regions. But for fans of The Lord of The Rings (LOTR) and wine, where is the top terroir in all of Middle-earth? It's in Dorwinion. Famous for its gardens, it's no wonder that the quality of grapes was high as well. In fact, the resulting wine was so prodigious that it "was strong enough to let even Elves get drunk and fall asleep," according to no less an authority than Tolkein Gateway.

And though your quest to find a bottle may seem as hopeless as that of the a couple of Hobbits bringing the ring back to Mordor, with its evil that never sleeps and whatnot, The Drinks Business does offer a reason to be optimistic. LOTR Movie Mastermind Peter Jackson gave each cast and crew member of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" a bottle of “Elvish Dorwinian” red wine (actually a 2012 New Zealand Pinot Noir). One of the films stars, Aidan Turner, has donated his bottle for the upcoming Dingle Film Festival's charity auction.

The bottle comes in a handmade wooden case, and "boasts a Dwarvish gold coin on the front while the wine features the Dorwinion wax seal emblem."

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