DrinkMate Phone Breathalyzer Has Got Your BAC

I love a good pun. How could I resist learning more about DrinkMaster? It's a breathalyzer that's smaller than a AA battery, plugs into your phone, and has "always got your BAC". As in Blood Alcohol Content. Ha! I know, you're probably groaning and rolling your eyes. All I can think is, "I wish I would have thought of that." Anyway, it seems like a pretty cool invention. You can check out their Kickstarter.

The good news, as explained in the video below: It might keep you or a friend from getting behind the wheel after drinking too much. DrinkMaster might also even make you think twice about pathetic, late-night calls to an ex.

The bad news is that the've only developed on for the Android platform. Regarding the iPhone, here's what the creators had to say: "Developing hardware for iPhone is much more costly and time consuming than Android development. If an iPhone version simply required a new app, we'd have one available, but unfortunately a massive hardware redesign will be required. We have plans to develop an iPhone version next if the Android version is successfully funded!"

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