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Fortify Your Burger With The Wine Known as Commotion Lotion

You can have your Beef Bourguignon, gussied up with the fanciest of Pinot Noirs. Using wine to add flavor to meat does not have to be the sole provenance of the costliest of food and drink. A restaurant in Scotland, as The Drinks Report details, is using a reduction of the wildly popular (and controversial) Buckfast Tonic wine to add (along with soy sauce) to a pork burger.

This fortified wine is produced by Benedictine monks has been associated with unruly behavior, earning the nickname "commotion lotion", among others. Not only does it have a 15% alchol content, each bottle of "Bucky" also contains a significant amount of caffeine. How much? Try six cans of Coke's worth. Chef Jass McNeill of The Arches restaurant, where you can find this burger, explains why this match is is a fine one from a gustatory standpoint: "Buckfast goes really well with pork because it’s so sweet." McNeill also mentioned that the Bucky burger is outselling the plain old boring standard beef version.

What is your favorite way to cook with wine and meat?

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