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Chemical Soup, Chelators, and The Fight Against Wine Oxidation

At some point, oxygen turns from wine's friend to enemy. Who wants to drink an oxidized wine, with a flavor and color both unappealing? Maybe its science to the rescue? Futurity has the details of work being done by researchers involving experimentation with chelation compounds. These chelators bind with trace metals in wine to prevent it from spoiling.

The bummer about all this? Penn State Food Science Doctoral Candidate Gal Krietman who, along with her colleagues, reports the findings of the study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, explains that many chelators have yet to get the go-ahead for both food and wine production..

Another bummer? A commenter laments the litany of additives allowed in wine, concerned it has become a "chemical soup". If compounds like these are proven to be safe for use in the winemaking process, would you be willing to buy a wine created in such a manner if it meant it stayed fresher longer?

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