How Many Hours Do You Have to Work to Buy A Bottle of Wine?

Depending on where you live, how long do you have to toil before you can afford a bottle of wine? Wine Searcher shares the results of a study compiled by La Feuille de Vigne, a French wine magazine. They used a cost-of-living database and the United Nations International Labor Organization to figure out how many minutes (or hours) you have to work until you earn enough money for a bottle of wine. Based on the results from 109 countries, wine lovers may want to consider polishing up their resume and sending it to every employer in Luxembourg. The citizens there only have to work for 14 minutes to earn enough money to buy an average-priced bottle of wine from a retail store. At the other end of the scale, the figure for Iran is nearly 60 hours.

In the United States, it takes 44 minutes. Try not to be too bitter during that extra half hour while the residents of Luxembourg have already mentally selected their bottle three times over.