How to Turn Wine Corks into Marilyn Monroe

Your wine cork board looks sad when compared to the art of Conrad Englehardt. See a video of how he takes used corks and turns them into a portrait of Marilyn Monroe. In an interview with SavorHdTV, Englehardt reveals that his biggest artworks are 2-panel pieces (a diptych) with each panel containing 2,200 corks. Where does he get all these corks? Set your concerns aside; Englehardt is not consuming wine at an inhuman rate. Rather, he partners with 20 restaurants in London for his supply. (Some of these restaurants now even have his art on their walls.)

Does he modify the corks in any way? Nope. They are not cut nor colored. Interestingly enough Englehardt says that he used corks from Lebanon's Chateau Musar for Marilyn's Lips.

Here's the video, set to "Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend". (Is wine second best?)