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Is A 20 Dollar White Wine More Complex Than a Red?

I was reading Bill Ward's column in the Star Tribune, in which he praised the notion of drinking white wine in Minnesota in February. One word came to mind: hero. I'm a huge advocate of year-round white wine consumption. Maybe tucking into a deep, rich red in the winter seems naturally warming and appropriate. But maybe, as Ward explains, the freshness and zip of a lively white wine can transport you and your tastebuds to a warmer clime. Unexpectedly, I came across this proclamation from Ward that I thought fascinating. In extolling the virtues of winter white wines, one of the advantages over reds he contends is: "It's generally easier to find complexity in white wines under $20 than it is with reds."

I've been thinking about this a lot. In between the tasks that usually take up my brain, like watching Pawn Stars. I'm seriously thinking of a cage match of $20 wines, maybe a handful of reds versus a handful of whites. Or a March Madness type of tournament. Now, complexity is completely subjective. I can't grade it on a scale. But I feel Ward is on to something that would be really fun to explore.

Below are a few $20 and under reds and whites to get you started.

Jameson Fink has a decade of wine industry and blogging experience. Saveur Magazine nominated his site,, for a 2013 Best Food Blog Award in the Wine/Beer Category. He is a tireless advocate for year-round rosé consumption and enjoys a glass of Champagne alongside a bowl of popcorn.

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