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Mint, Aloe, and Lemongrass: Lotion, Shampoo, or Wine?

Ah, nothing like the soothing properties of mint, aloe, and lemongrass. Perfect for the fanciest of boutique hotel lotions and shampoos. The kind you take with you when you check out. But did you ever contemplate these three ingredients flavoring your wine? If you're wondering what that would taste like, satisfy your curiosity with Arniston Bay Infusions. It's a white wine from South Africa with the aforementioned mint, aloe, and lemongrass infused within. Paul Schaafsma, General Manager of Arniston Bay parent company Accolade Wines, tells The Grocer, "If enhanced fruit flavour drinks have worked in the beer and cider categories, we should look at this for wine. This will help the wine category be relevant to consumers at the start of their wine journey."

Are you interested in the fruit flavors in wine that solely come from the grapes themselves or are you into the idea of having a bottle with some flavor infused?

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