Mountain-Grown American Assyrtiko

Ah, Assyrtiko. Conjures up thoughts of being in Santorini, staring out into the blues of the Caldera while sipping on the island's signature white wine grape. Might you have the same feeling while enjoying a glass of Assyrtiko made from vines grown at 3,200 feet in California's Tahoe National Forest? The folks at Tryphon Vineyards are betting you'll say "Yes."

Markus Stolz has the full story on his blog, Elloinos. Owners Larry and Dayle Rodenborn tell Stolz, "We think Assyrtiko will love it in the mountains." But they caution, "The elevation presents a challenge for any white grape due to the risk of frost."

In other non-Santorini Assyrtiko news, here are the first Assyrtiko grapes in Australia:

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