#sommchat Roundup: Antony Moss MW on the Duty of a Sommelier

Though Master of Wine (MW) Antony Moss, Director of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) can send you a 10,000 word document on how to pass the MW exam, he's also able to stop by SommChat on Twitter and dispense knowledge in 140 character pours. Here are some of the highlights:

Only the beginning:

From Mother's Milk to Master of Wine:

Need advice on passing the MW exam? That's gonna take a of tweets:

But here's one tip that can fit into the 140 character format:

Craft beer and fine wine, holding hands:

Help me Obi Wan Millennials. You're my only hope.

MS or MW?

Shout-out to the mentors:

Maybe after the exam?

Final Thought: The Duty of the Sommelier: