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NZ Sauvignon Blanc Shortage Leads to Imports from Chile, South Africa

There is no doubt the grape that put New Zealand on the world's wine radar is Sauvignon Blanc. But what happens when there is a domestic shortage of that signature grape? Harpers reports the way wineries are dealing with it is by importing Savignon Blanc from Chile and South Africa. These bottlings, however, are solely for entry-level wines to be sold in the domestic market. Fear not, your Cloudy Bay will not be from Chile.

Chris Stroud, European Marketing Manager for New Zealand Winegrowers, elaborated, "The wines are labelled as being from Chile or wherever so there is no chance of passing off. These imports have happened a number of times in the past and will happen in the future when there are shortages."

With the desire to buy and drink local so prevalent among many countries and regions, how do you react to this tactic? If there was a grape shortage in your region, state, or country, would you support a local winery who had to get wine from great distances to ensure they have product to sell?

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