Sober Nightclub Will Breathalyze You At The Door

You better skip that Happy Hour rosé if you want to gain entrance to Sober, a club night held inside Stockholm's Sodra Theatre. It's not that brains behind this event, Comedian Mårten Andersson, is against pink wine. He just wants people to have a space where they can party AND be sober. How to enforce this policy? Well, naturally they're not selling any booze inside the club. And if you think you can show up hammered, think again: you'll have to blow into a Breathalyzer at the door. Maybe you think you can just smoke a bunch of weed, take some pills? Andersson has thought of that, too. There will be staff on hand trained to spot those intoxitcated by other means than alcohol.

But even Andersson expressed some skepticism about the idea. "In one word, I think it will be scary", he told The Local.

And Andersson related to Totally Stockholm, "“I want to inspire more people to come to the conclusion that partying sober can be just as much fun as doing it drunk. To have fun, dance and chat up someone while sober takes a bit of courage and curiosity about life."

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