#sommchat Roundup: Winemaker Alberto Eckholt of Montes Wines on Chile and California

Winemaker Alberto Eckholt of Montes Wines must be racking up the frequent flyer miles. Not only is her the winemakers at this well-regarded estate in Chile, but you'll aslo find him in Napa at Montes' California project, Napa Angel. Oh, and at Star Angel in Paso Robles for Syrah and the Santa Rita Hills for Pinot Noir. Eckholt stopped by SommChat to talk about summer grilling, the impending grape harvest in California, and similarities between Chile and California

Sustainability: just the beginning:

Thoughts on Paso?

Getting hungry.

California harvest? Sooner rather than later.

Possible Paso and Colchagua connection?

Sidebar: RESPECT.

The rigors and rewards of small-production winemaking:

In conclusion: