The Wine Generation That Dislikes The New and Artisan along with Stories and Fun

Gen X dude here but articles like “Why Boomers Should Drink Wine Like Millennials” stick in my craw like a piece of broken cork. I've written on the subject twice before but, unfortunately, it's a line of thinking that keeps coming back, like zombies for brains:

Why is Generation Y Unique When it Comes to Wine?

If Millennials Want Authenticity in Wine What do Gen X, Boomers Want?

Tom Wark over on Fermentation brought this latest salvo to my attention and gives special (and worthy) scorn to the condescending, patronizing "5 Wine Drinking Tips From Millennials" contained within the article about how Boomers should imbibe. As Wark sees it, what's the message of this article and accompanying list?

"Millennial wine drinkers are fundamentally different from their parents in ways that identify the Baby Boom wine drinkers as dopes, unthinking ratings followers, with no curiosity."

Because no members of Generation X or Baby Boomers ever relied on their own taste, embraced/shared new stuff, enjoyed stories behind a wine, bought bottles at a local shop, or reveled in the whimsical side of the fermented grape. (Paraphrasing the five wine drinking tips from Gen Y.)

Oh, and one more thing: GET OFF MY LAWN!