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Tipsy Tunes: "Hooked On A Feeling" By Blue Swede

Editor's Note: Tipsy Tunes is a new series of wine-inspired songs. Let's make Tuesdays feel more like Fridays. Or simply make Tuesdays rock on their own!

A couple weeks back, we put together a list of The 10 Wine Songs You Need To Be Listening To Right Now. It had us snapping our fingers for a little while, but we wanted more! Therefore, with today's installment, we're excited to introduce Tipsy Tunes. Check back in every Tuesday for that extra oomph in getting over the midweek hump.

The first #tipsytunes is none other than "Hooked on a Feeling" by Swedish rock band Blue Swede. What a song! The 1974 cover of B.J. Thomas's 1968 original is a remake — actually based more on the 1971 rendition by Brit pop eccentric Jonathan King — but, boy oh boy, did they do a great job. The track went on to top charts in the United States (#1), Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands.

Cue the "ooga-chaka, ooga-ooga" and we're already hooked!

Lips as sweet as candy
Its taste is on my mind
Girl, you got me thirsty
For another cup o' wine

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