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What Men and Women Want From Wine

When it comes to what men and women want from wine, are there distinct differences based on gender? Yes, says a survey conducted by beverage market research and analysis firm Canadean, analyzing an industry that Americans spend over 21 billion dollars on last year.

The first thing women want as opposed to men? More wine! When it comes to consumption by volume, women imbibe 59% of wine. And the bottles they choose must provide value as well as have properties that promote relaxation and provide assistance in unwinding.  

So how about men? They want quality and new experiences.

Canadean Senior Analyst Catherine O’Connor explains, "...[P]ut simply, while women are looking to wine to accompany conversations as they unwind with friends, for men, wine is the conversation.”   

These essentialist type of findings based on gender ("Men like x, while women prefer y.") extrapolated from survey data always leave me a bit puzzled. Why would inquisitiveness about wine be a male trait? Or value-seeking intrinsically female? Is there something about our prescribed and constructed roles in society that predispose us one way or another?

This dude will be thinking about these questions the next time he's looking for wine that's a good value and helps him unwind.



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