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Who Made The World's First Rosé Champagne?

Are you familiar with the term "Oeil de Perdrix"? It's the key piece of evidence for a Champagne house claiming to be the world's oldest producer of rosé Champagne. Oeil de Perdix ("Eye of the Partridge") refers to "a delicate pink coppery colour." The Drinks Business reports that Ruinart, a historic Champagne house, is using the discovery of this term on records from March 14th, 1764 to put forth that it is the first known maker of rosé Champagne.

Interestingly enough, the Champagne likely got its color not from red grapes or juice, but most likely from elderberries. And on a somewhat morbid note, Oeil de Perdrix is the color of a partridge's eye specifically when in its "death throes".

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