Wine Business Not Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

What wine lover doesn't dream of owning his or her own winery some day? Watching the grapes come in, the wine maturing in oak barrels, and the first bottles coming off the line? I know I'd be shedding a tear (ok, sobbing buckets) when I could hold the first bottle of Domaine le Fink in my hands.

But, after reading a post in SVB on Wine, entitled "How Much Do Wineries Really Make?", I might want to save all that emotion for reviewing the books, as SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) reveals wineries make 3.9% pretax at the 2013 year end.

I suggest you read the robust conversation on the comments regarding the issue of winery ownership. And keep in mind the perspective of one commenter who, after sharing his thoughts, concluded, "But wine is a love affair, not a path to mansion ownership."