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Wine Reviews: Consumers Demanding Conversational Tone, Everyday Vocabulary

Have you had enough of deciphering why your dry red wine has "generous dollops of maple syrup" in it? Consumers are getting fed up with confusing and off-putting wine descriptors penned by expert reviewers. And British supermarket giant (and giant of wine sales) Tesco has heard your pleas regarding "tamari-spiked mushrooms" being present in the glass. Harpers Wine &Spirit reports that Tesco is looking to get consumers to chime in and provide wine descriptors employing more of a conversation tone rather than a laundry list of esoteric, head-scratching flavor and aroma musings. And they are organizing a tasting for this purpose.

"We are aware that all the wine descriptors we use at Tesco come from people who are very close to the wines, whether they are the supplier, the winemaker or a member of the Tesco wine team," explains Laura Jewell MW, who is in charge of Tesco's wine product development. "The team is keen to get descriptions from people tasting the wines with a more impartial view."

What's your view on wine reviews you see in magazines? Do they resonate with you?

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